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This is a fantastic time to lead global change. For social enterprises, development agencies, benefit corps and impact investors doing good for business is rapidly gaining market support in all asset classes, sectors, and geographies. A growing number of young entrepreneurs expect business make the world a better place for everyone.

Indeed, analysts suggest that 30-40 trillion US dollars will enter the impact market over the next thirty years. And contrary to what business leaders might think, 59% of investments that favor social and environmental benefits are already enjoying market rate returns. Underperformance is a myth.

However, this is new and rather messy market, still getting its sea legs. 60% of social enterprises have been in business for a mere 8 years. New financial tools are emerging. Though it’s still unclear to investors how to measure impact. And for those of you in the field leading companies and projects, it‘s still unclear how to leverage existing systems and catalyze your ingenuity, commitment, and expertise, while creating a clear pathway to impact.

I worked beside you in Haiti, sat next to you at conferences around the world, and listened to you argue for “Here’s how” and why we should “Start here.” Our conversations ranged from safe water for everyone and food security to better homes and disaster prevention in cities. In the end, the most important thing I learned from you is: Massive impact requires better problems.
Marie Aquilino, President

Problem Wisdom mentors and supports your process—up stream. To help you design and structure your problem—from the beginning. To help you lower the risk and increase your impact—not for quick fixes but for the long-term, effective outcomes that serve more people.

With our futures at stake: Don’t miss the beginning.

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