Programs and Consulting:
Better Problems, Massive Impact

Problem Wisdom is a singular, world-class program and consulting model for social enterprises, development agencies, benefit corps and impact investors dedicated to resolving social and environmental crises.

Together we craft a deliberate, cogent problem through Problems-First Thinking. You will learn how to use the problem to identify key stakeholders and secure investors, properly scale the project, and collaborate in beneficial partnerships. We use problem design to help you clarify your objectives and magnify your influence – from the beginning.


Our online program allows you to assimilate Problem-First Thinking on your own terms.

A good problem guides you toward shared objectives, a vision of shared outcomes and common purpose. The problem becomes an asset.

Problem-First Thinking enables you to explore, evaluate, frame, and prepare the best possible problem with the community you serve for the outcome you both envision.

Problem Wisdom Fundamentals

A 4-week, in-depth, all-downloadable introduction to the basic principles of Problem-First Thinking:

  • Acumen
  • Craft
  • Perspective
  • Impact

The program invites you to work at your own pace and consult with colleagues in a private FB group. Sessions last 90 minutes.

The Craft of Problem Wisdom

An intermediate level course that includes all of the downloadable materials from our Fundamentals program plus:

  • 6 live calls with us
  • Interviews with experts
  • Access to the private Facebook group

We only offer this course twice a year.

Become a Master of Problem Wisdom

This program includes all of the benefits of our Craft program plus:

  • Special bonuses
  • One month of individual consulting

The Master’s course is offered at the same time as our Craft course work, but invites you to go deep with us.

Together we define a specific problem that keeps you up at night, and work on it for one month. Time to implement.

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Our custom designed consulting model brings problem clarity, strategy, and criteria to leaders and teams.

Together we:

  • envision the arc of the problem
  • generate momentum
  • identify small wins
  • navigate obstacles
  • plan for deliberate trade offs
  • eliminate the barriers to collaboration
  • and articulate the characteristics of impact

All this so you can say, “Start Here” with confidence.

Purpose: 1 Month, 1 Critical Step

This is an accelerated and intense period of working together with the fundamentals of Problem-First Thinking. We will focus our energy on a single goal. Working on one aspect of Problem Wisdom in-depth during this month is ideal.

  • 2hr Set up
  • Three 90 minute calls
  • 30 minute follow-up call
  • 30-days of email support

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Process: 3 Months, Momentum

Here we have a longer period together. We will work intensely on several or all of the Problem Wisdom components. If highly detailed work is required, we may choose one component and go deep. This option is especially helpful for teams working on scaling and networking their projects.

  • 2 hr Set up
  • Ten 90 minute calls
  • 30 minute follow-up call
  • Unlimited email support

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Flash Work Live

1½ day workshop and a 30 minute follow-up call (good for three months).

This is a deep dive into Problem Wisdom. Come prepared to work together. Flash Work is designed for leaders who want a dense introduction to one or more aspects of Problem Wisdom.

We offer our Flash Workshops by request. Book a
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